New cloud monitoring anti-theft system

Intrusion warning

Illegal start warning

Illegal displacement warning

Illegal towing warning

Power damage warning

Low voltage warning

Location query


Quotation: Please call in


7 major protection functions, covering all possible accident warnings of vehicles, providing comprehensive protection
Smart phone APP humanized operation screen, integrated Internet functions
Provide language, telephone warning and map inquiries
With privacy and mute function, it can provide location tracking function as soon as the car is lost
Built-in power-off backup lithium battery, when the main power of the car is removed, it can still extend the time for chase and rescue for 48 hours
The whole machine adopts waterproof and dustproof design
Minimal power consumption, the vehicle is turned off, and the power saving mode is entered after 24 hours
The car has the smallest volume, easy to hide, and simple to operate